The Enquire Learning Trust

27th May 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

Over the past 10 weeks all ELT schools – in common with all schools across the UK - have been open to a small number of children. We have hosted child-care provision for children of key workers and those children considered to be vulnerable. We have also maintained a home learning offer that has enabled pupils to continue their education. Your support of this has been impressive: more than 4 out of 5 of children within the Trust have engaged on a frequent and regular basis.

I know it’s been a worrying time and that many of you have faced very significant challenges. I’m really appreciative of the support that you’ve offered your child’s educators in this difficult time.

At this point, all I want to add is a sincere “thanks’ to you for your ongoing support.

We are now being asked do go a step further. You’ll be aware that the Prime Minister has indicated that schools will be open to more pupils in the last part of the summer term.

Trustees met this week to decide what the next steps should be for our Trust and I am pleased to inform you that we will be reopening for priority groups on Monday 8th June 2020 should the Prime Minister give the go-ahead for this to happen. Trustees considered a wide range of factors in reaching this position including the safety of pupils, staff and the wider community and information about rates of infection from C-19 in each locality covered by the Trust.

Across the Trust everyone is working hard to meet this challenge and all ELT Academies have clear and robust plans to open for children in Early Years, Reception, Year One and Year Six. All plans are supported by risk assessments that have been assured by the Trust. We are ready to welcome children back to school so that more can resume their entitlement to high quality education.

Those parents and carers whose children are not in these year groups are being asked to keep children at home a little longer unless you are eligible for our child-care provision and the school has the capacity to accommodate your child.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic ELT has followed Government Guidance and we will continue to do this so that more children have access to school and are able to stay safe.

Academy Principals will write to you with the detailed arrangements for those children we will be

th welcoming back on June 8 .


Darren Holmes
Chief Executive Officer