17 October 2019

All schools across the Trust have - rightly - focused huge effort and energy into curriculum design. This year will see a continuation of this. Carole Rhodes - Principal at Endeavour Academy in Hyde - is pleased with progress the whole staff team is making. “We have reviewed our, principles and determining what pupils are to learn during their time at each academy. Leaders are setting out what approaches to implementation are taken and how these mesh with any signature pedagogies that are evolving.”

This is crucial and important work. But there’s another side of the curriculum that needs thinking about as well. The Enquire Learning Trust academies offer a broad range of enrichment opportunities to pupils. From outdoor adventures to artistic excellence, farming to football, conservation to cricket, every day in an Enquire Learning Trust school sees staff create amazing learning that complements what happens in classrooms. In many cases the offer taps into the passions and enthusiasm of staff and community members. If you’re looking to extend your offer look at our academies’ social media output (especially Twitter). If you’re not digitally engaged inspiration can be found in Flowery Field’s ground breaking farm, Yarm’s well planned sequence of residential visits, Elliston’s vast array of community engagement opportunities, Moorside’s sporting success and Easterside’s allotment. And I won’t even mention Forest Schools which will have a feature of their own in the next issue.

Alvin Fell, Principal at Flowery Field sums up the approach at Flowery Field, “The curriculum needs to create opportunities for pupils to find their talents and excel.”